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BioZyme ABHP

The Enzyme Advantage for Feed Manufacturers and Blenders

Product: A water dispersible blend of the extracts of Bacillus subtilis, which includes high concentrations of alpha-amylase, beta-glucanase (gumase), protease, and hemi-cellulase.

Purpose: As a concentrated source of hydrolytic (degrading) enzymes which may be used in enzyme bearing supplements where increased enzyme activity is desired.

Uses: Beef Dairy Equine Hog and Pet  Feed Applications

Beef, dairy and swine research shows significant weight gain and feed conversion compared to non treated groups with overall feed cost per lb gain reductions.

General Use Rates: 4 to 8 oz per ton / 125g to 225g per metric ton

Status: GRAS Animal Feed Ingredient. American Association of Feed Control Officials definition: 36.6 Dried Bacillus subtilis Fermentation Extract.

              Typical Analysis:

Amylolytic Activity: ................................... 24,000 B.A.U./gram
Hemi cellulase Activity: ..................... 900 Hemi cellulase units/g.
Protease Activity: ..................... 18,000 casein digesting units/g.
Beta glucanase Activity:............... 12,000 Beta glucanase units/g.

Method of Analysis Modified FCC, AATCC, (ANSI) Method

Appearance: Light tan, free flowing granular powder; yeasty, fermentation odor.

Storage Conditions: For optimal activity over longest storage time, keep in dry warehouse under 110F. Half life under these conditions estimated to be in excess of two years.

Precautions: See above (storage conditions), see material safety data sheet for general information concerning enzymes.

Important Note: Bacillus subtilis amylase is particularly useful in industrial and agricultural processing applications due to its high degree of stability. This enzyme's resistance to denaturation by temperature and pH extremes make it particularly durable. This endo-acting amylase very rapidly dextrinizes starch components bypassing branch points which often serve as blocking points to other exo-acting amylases including glucoamylase.

Bacillus subtilis amylase is particularly useful due to its activity upon a broad range of starches. Although a primary enzyme associated with Bacillus subtilis extracts is amylase, other useful hydrolases are often included in these products. These other enzymes catalyze the breakdown of complex carbohydrates other than starch. Hemi-cellulase activity attacks plant wall components.

Beta-glucanase helps break down beta-linked glucose polymers often associated with grains, such as barley, oats, and wheat, and other products, including soy bean meal and locust bean gum. This additional digestive action is broadly classified as a gumase activity. The presence of soluble calcium has a stabilizing effect on most enzymes of this type.

PACKAGE SIZES: 25 and 50 lb neutral, polyethylene-lined fiber drums.

Use Rates: Dairy Equine Hog Feeds .........................150 to 250g / MT

1 lb = 453.592 37 grams

1 M/T Metric Ton = 2,200 lbs


Packaging: 2kg / 4.4+Lbs

Will Treat 10 Metric Tons of Feed





Packaging: 10kg / 22+Lbs

Will Treat 50 Metric Tons of Feed

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