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Ultra BioZyme-7000

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Simple and Easy to Use: Using Ultra BioZyme-7000 Pouch Septic is simple. Just drop in the convenient pre-packaged, pre-measured pouches into your drain system. The plastic pouches dissolve away so you don’t have to handle the powder. No fuss - no bother - no effort!

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 Biological Solution For Food Plant and Municipal Pollution

A: Ultra BioZyme-7000 is a Biological non pathogenic live bacteria/enzyme blend developed for the rapid liquefaction and digestion of food plant fats vegetable oils and organic food wastes, with effective odor control.

B: Ultra BioZyme-7000 provides rapid hydrolyzation of fats, oils and greases to fatty acids which is followed by biological absorption and digestion, that prevents and even eliminates grease deposits, ammonia and H2S odors.

C: Ultra BioZyme-7000 may be used in effluent lines grease traps, drain lines, holding ponds, lift stations, sewage injection pits and wet wells.

D: Ultra BioZyme-7000 contains a synergistic blend of highly active fat splitting enzymes, that are non pathogenic, non corrosive, safe to handle and store and are certified salmonella free.

Ultra BioZyme-7000 Characteristics

Activity Count: 3.0 billion/per/gram

Status: The Organisms in our BioZyme-7000 biological dry concentrate comply to: The Canadian Environmental Ministry - DSL list, and the USA Asia, Australia, Europe,  and most other countries - Class 1, non pathogenic, non mutating spore form / spore forming organisms family.

Appearance: Tan colored free flowing powder
Odor: Cereal like pleasant
Effective pH range 3.5 to 10.0
Bacterial count: 3.1 billion/per/g/ min.

Effective use range:
1 pouch per 200,000 liter daily flow

PACKAGING: 1 and 2 lb pouches 48 per case

Also available in 30 to 45 day soluble block units


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