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Bi-Weekly Bacterial Treatment

General Description

Bio-SepTabs are biologically active effervescent tablets.  The effervescent tablet quickly dissolves in water releasing, and mixing, billions of powerful bacillus bacteria spores, ready to become active and effective.

• Easy To Use

• Tackles Tough Odors

• Safe For All Plumbing

• Keeps Drain Lines Free Flowing

• Affordable Weekly Maintenance

• Stores Easily & With No Powder Residue

• Digests Grease & Other Wastes

• Helps Protect Drain Fields

• Enzyme Producing Bacteria

• Environmentally Friendly

Bio-SepTabs contain bacteria spores that remain dormant in the tablet.  Once dissolved in water, the spores will begin germination.  If the water has nutrients, and food, the bacteria spores will germinate and begin an active growth phase, multiplying rapidly and consuming the available food and nutrients.


Bio-SepTabs are used for effective bi-weekly treatment. Easy-to-use effervescent tablets offer a complete solution to all the common problems associated with septic tanks and drain lines. Biologically reactivates and maintains the system to reduce accumulations.


MONTHLY: For normal, single family homes, use 1 Septic Bio-Septabs™ per month.

WEEKLY: For slow systems, mild odor problems and/or mild problem fields, use 1 Bio-Septabs™ per week.

Every 2 days for 30 days: For Extremely SLOW systems, problem fields or extreme odor fields, use 1 Bio-Septabs™ 2nd day for 30 days, then use 1 Bio-Septabs™ per week.

Package: 20 Soluble Septabs (12 month supply) Price: $37.95

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