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Golf Course Turf and Pond Products

Golf Course Ponds Greens

Ultra Green-5000 is a concentrated liquid thatch digester solution of selected enzymes and natural beneficial indigenous soil organisms for the rapid digestion and recycling of grass clippings and other plant residues.

Detox-O-Zyme: Natural Biological Soil Remediation Agent. Helps to detoxify soils contaminated with complex synthetic fertilizers, as well as cumulative herbicide and pesticide residuals.

BioZyme 6000-PC blend of indigenous dry powder microorganisms, enzymes and nutrients used in our BioZyme 6000-PC formula which rapidly break down excess nutrients from chemicals and fertilizer runoff in golf course ponds.

Ultra OrganoZyme: Has a broad range of activity which permits maximum productivity under the most severe growing conditions and stresses of modern and intensive golf course maintenance practices.


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Golf Course Turf and Pond Products

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