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Equines are proned to food enzyme deficiencies and to the array of nebulous symptoms related to this situation: by supplementing them with digestive enzymes, the exocrine pancreas function is relieved and the metabolic enzyme bank account does not have to be diverted to compensate for the lack of food enzyme of the modern diet! Do not forget that even equines suffer of this aberrant situation because of modern techniques of feed extrusion. Extrusion and cubing destroy all inherent food enzymes naturally present in raw food. The natural "archetypal" diet of equines is raw, isn't it ?

One of the big problems has to do with the notion of "exocrine pancreas overload" due to chronic food enzyme deficiency! So it would mean that cooking food has not been all that great of a discovery! Practically speaking yes, because it offers the possibility to eat larger quantities of food than in the raw form at the same time but fundamentally it seems cooking food destroys all food enzyme leading to a cascade of events responsible for more problems than one would like to think of!

Equine Booster-1L Ingredients List: Beneficial enzymes, liquid atlantic sea kelp laminaria, pure y. schidigera sarsapogenin liquid extract, msm, natural apple extracts free of any chemical preservatives and additives.

More than double the absorption of dry feed powders, which may be sprayed on horse feeds making them very palatable and it sticks to the feed reducing product losses.        

Equine Booster-1L: Does not contain any synthetic growth hormones or any mutating live bacterial cultures.

Equine Booster-1L: Each enzyme and organic ingredient has been carefully selected for a beneficial effect in your horses overall performance.

Typical Indications

In a very important book entitled Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howell explains How and Why, modern men and the animals he has domesticated have become so afflicted with chronic degenerative diseases.

The holistic approach here, is to tonify or stimulate non-specific immunity. There are various ways of increasing equines resistance to disease. Of primary importance is the good habit of offering equines the best possible hay as the main food, in the best possible environment. When the best possible diet is offered under the best possible environmental conditions, then one has to be preoccupied by a way of providing the best possible supplementation regime.

Ingredients: Equine Booster-1 L is a liquid equine feed additive containing more than 20 enzymes combined with beneficial organic plant extracts of natural origin in a concentrated, easy to use and mix liquid form. As an equine drinking water additive or may be sprayed on feeds, for horses in training, under stress conditions, colic allergies and digestive disorders, pregnant and lactating mares, weanlings and yearlings applications.

Equine Booster-1L was developed to assist horses that have a tendency to manifest recurrent ill symptoms, and where primary causes seem to be hard to find on a point of view of orthodox medicine! Chronic intermittent respiratory problems (influenza, nose bleeding), and a variety of skin ailments, even intestinal problems, are often related to certain food intolerance.

Horse Colic Solutions General Us Rates

1st 6 months 14 ml/head/day (1/2 oz)
6 months to 1 year 14 to 28 ml/head/day (1/2 to 1 oz)
1 to 2 years 14 to 28-ml/head/day (1/2 to 1 oz)
Over 2 years 14 to 28-ml/head/day (1/2 to 1 oz)
Horses in Training 28 to 56-ml/head/day (1 to 2 oz)
Pregnant and Lactating Mares 28 to 56-ml/head/day (1 to 2 oz)
Stress Transport - Heavy Training 56-ml/head/day (2 oz)


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