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HM Composter 

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HM Composter and Odor Eliminator

The Natural Organic Solution to Horse Manure Composting
For a Cleaner Healthier Environment for Your Animals

Application of HM Composter concentrate to animal manure wastes or wastewater promotes normal reproduction of the microorganisms, as evidenced by dramatic population increases in treated wastes, and more complete digestion of the unwanted organic wastes, converting them to a fine beneficial humus for soil and garden applications

This results in significantly reducing ammonia and H2S gases and other toxic chemical reactions, which in turn results in effectively controlling manure and waste odors in the stable and is safe even if taken internally. 

It is a well proven and documented fact that equine are significantly healthier and more productive breathing non polluted air free of ammonia h2s gases.

HM Composter is effective regardless of temperature or pH conditions of the liquid or solid waste to which it may be applied. It works in both highly acidic or alkali environments.

General: Barns, walls, floors, gutters cesspools, grease traps, natural odor control, septic tanks, etc. 

Bio-Logics Equine Enzyme Products Use Rates: Mix with 3 to 10 parts of water and spray or pour on the affected area 1 or 2 times per week or as needed. Simply follow your nose

* Controls Odors - Ammonia and H2S Gases *
* Cleans and Deodorizes Biologically *
* Activates Composting of Organic Wastes *
* Environment Grade - Non Pathogenic - Non Mutating *



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US FDA - Food Facility Registration # 12925762678


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