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BioZyme 6000-PC Pond Remediation

        Before Bio-Logics 6000 DispensoZyme Piedmont After Bio-Logics 6000 DispensoZyme

Biologics Biological Golf Course Solutions

BioZyme 6000-PC slow release blend of indigenous dry powder microorganisms, enzymes and nutrients used in our BioZyme 6000-PC formula which rapidly break down excess nutrients from chemicals and fertilizer runoff in golf course ponds.

Typical benefits when used in golf course ponds:

* Reduces Nitrates And Phosphates
* Prevents Blue Green Algae Growth
* Improves Water Quality And Clarity
* Provides Less Fluctuation In Oxygen Levels
* Rapidly Breaks Down Chemical And Fertilizer Runoffs
* Contains No Harmful Detergents Or Chemicals
* Works In Fresh And Salt Water
* Breaks Down And Digests Organic Sludge
* Controls Odors - Ammonia And H2S Gases

Effective in reducing phosphorus and other nutrients and clearing water naturally.

Status: The Organisms in our BioZyme 6000-PC comply to: The EPA Class-1 GRAS list and the Canadian Environmental Ministry - DSL list. Class 1-NPNM, non pathogenic, non mutating organisms, in Asia, Australia, Europe and most other countries.

Application rates are from 3 to 6 pounds per surface acre - initially. Maintenance Treatment: 1 to 2 pounds per surface acre 2 times per month.


     Packaging: 10 kg (22.2 pounds)

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