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Drinking Water Without Toxic Chemicals

Reverse Osmosis With14W UV 

Drinking Water Without Toxic Chemicals

Model No.
ROUV14W Typical 6-Stage RO System 70GPD
( No Pump ) ( Adds 3G Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer )
UV stainless steel, 1 gallon per minute / 3.8 liters per minute flow rate
10" white housing x 3
Bracket x 1
RO membrane housing x 1
CL-10 In Line coconut shell Carbon Filter x 1
5 micron 10" spun sediment filter x 1
1 micron 10" spun sediment filter x 1
10" Activated carbon filter x 1
HY RO Membrane 70g x 1
Automatic shut-off valves x 1
Prevent backflow valve x 1
Goose Faucets x 1
Spanner wrenches x 1
NSF Standard Storage tank(3.2g) x 1
(Plastic tank 2.2g or 4g is optinal)
Tank valve x 1
1/4 inch Color Tubing for System Connection for 6M
Flow Restrictor(400ml) x 1
Big Single Clip x 2
Small Single Clip x 2
Double Clip x 2
Faucet Adapter x 1
Drain Clamp x 1
Brass Ball Valve x 1
* The parts in the (  )  is the optional item, not included or used in the unit, but you could choose to use or replace the original item with the one in (  ) .


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Available in North American and European Models

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US FDA - Food Facility Registration # 12925762678

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