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Swine Liquid Enzyme Booster SP-20

Swine Hog Pig Feed Enzyme Water Additive

Swine Hog Drinking Water Enzyme Natural Nutritional Additive Product 

Contents: Enzymes are added to pig feeds to improve production efficiency. Manufacturers of Enzyme based water injectable swine / pig / hog drinking water feed additive designed to improve swine performance, disease resistance, feed conversion, waste odor control and growers profits.

Swine Drinking Water

Concentrated LiquidDosatron Pump Enzyme InjectionWater Injectable

20 Enzymes + Natural Plant Extracts Formula 

Ingredients: Swine Enzyme Solution SP-20 is a swine feed additive containing more than 20 enzymes combined with beneficial organic plant extracts of natural origin in a concentrated, easy to use and mix liquid form, as a swine drinking water additive for sows, piglets, starters, growers and finisher applications.

Swine Enzyme Solution SP-20 Does not contain any synthetic growth hormones or mutating live bacterial cultures.

Swine Enzyme Solution SP-20 Each enzyme and organic ingredient has a beneficial effect on swine growth, health and overall performance.

Improves Average  Weight Gain In Starters And Growers

Improves Overall Feed Conversion With Increased Profits

Less Mortality  Stillborns and Improved Grading

Reduced Phosphorus Ammonia and H2S Gases in Wastes

 Swine Enzyme Solution SP-20: Contains:

Swine Drinking Water Enzymes

Piglet Litter IncreasesA.  Soluble Water Stable Enzymes

1.  Boost the  immune system:  In a series of chemical reactions the enzymes contained in PB-20 produce amino acids for the immune cells. These immune cells then produce interleukins, which play a critical role in fighting infection.

2.  Reduce water-holding capacity, thus increasing dry matter content stimulating feed intake improving Feed Conversion Ration.

3.  Reduce dry matter outside the body, thus have a great impact on excreta volume and composition 

4.  Increase the effectiveness of host enzymes thus improving Feed Conversion Ration and promoting growth.

5.  Increases T-Cell production and activity within a short period after digestion, raises white cell blood count thereby strengthening the immune system.

Swine Drinking Water Feed Additive6.  Improve digestion / absorption of nutrients required for proper immune system performance and proper production performance by increasing energy level

7.  Aid in digestibility by making nutrients more bioavailable to the animal improving Feed Conversion Ration and promoting growth.

8.  Reduces flatulence.

9.  Phytase for better phosphorus bioavailability

Natural Enzyme Feed Additives

B.  Liquid Natural Plant Sarsapogenin: Glycocomponent fraction + Saponins

1.  Glycocomponent fraction binds to ammonia, thus reducing ammonia levels in animal production facilities, this results in reduced odor and improves animal performance under wide variety of conditions by reducing environmental stress while enhancing growth.

2.  Saponins are effective in suppressing rumen protozoa, again by reacting with cholesterol in the protozoal cell membrane, causing it to lyse, thus decreasing the impact of protozoal diseases (coccidiosis) on the performance of the animal such as diarrhea and malabsorption thereby increasing growth rate and feed efficiency.

3.  Particularly in situations of crowding and stress, steroid saponins contained in SP-20 have been demonstrated to improve animal performance thereby acting as a Natural Growth Aid

C.   Laminaria Species Soluble Atlantic Kelp: Amino acids + Trace & Macro Mineral+ Vitamins

Piglet Litter Increases1.  Amino acids are the building blocks of of life, joined together in chains that make up proteins. Proteins are a necessary part of every living cell in the body. Proteins are very important in the manufacturing of hormones responsible for a strong immune system and they booster the immune system by enhancing the production of T-cells and antibodies;

2.  Since the hogs digestive enzymes are made up of amino acids, if enough amino acids are not provided, enzyme production will diminish and digestive function can become progressively more impaired leading to disease

3.  Trace & Macro Mineral: with high levels of essential immune nutrients such as Vitamin A (Essential for immune system), Vitamin C and E-Benefits immune system, Vitamin B2 Creates body tissue and red blood cells, Iron -Essential for immune function, Selenium-Aids immune response , Zinc- a critical nutrient of immunity.

4.  Known as a great promoter of glandular health, especially for the pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands.

5.  Natural source of iodine, which acts as an antibiotic to kill germs, increasing growth rate and feed efficiency.

6.  Acts as a receptor blocker for many pathogens including Salmonella

7.  Has also increased the protein to fat ratio in animals increasing growth rate and feed efficiency.

Swine Enzyme Solution SP-20: provides synergistic effects from all its components, and the result is a healthy digestive tract efficiently providing nutrients for optimum health and performance, and an active immune system capable of overcoming the disease challenge.Swine Water Treatment

General Use Rates Methods: Swine Drinking Water Applications

a- Prepare a stock solution of  10 ml of Swine Enzyme Solution per Liter (1,000 ml) or (1 oz per gallon) of water and inject this concentrate into your water line through your medicator unit set at a ratio of 1 to 100 (As per illustration)

b- Use the above solution for the first 7 to 10 days and than reduce the concentration of your stock solution by 50% until your growers and finishers are shipped for processing.

Swine Enzyme Solution SP-20: Costs pennies per pig, resulting in savings and improved profits for growers. Our liquid concentrate will not clog water lines or filters and will actually keep them free flowing by breaking down and controlling organic blockers.

Swine drink up to 12 times in 24 hours. 

Water Consumption of Swine
Weight (kg)  Liters/Day 
25 3.8
45 5.7
70 7.5
90 9.5
115 11.0
 Std Rate 9.0

Swine Enzyme Solution SP-20: May also be sprayed on feeds and in swine / pig  housing, please contact us for details.

Ingredients Status and Approvals?

Ingredients: Generally regarded as safe (GRAS), comply to the American Association of Feed Control Officials, Inc. (AAFCO - 2002 official publication) meeting the requirements as outlined in their current publication.

10  liter plastic container

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