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The Thatch Digester Golf Course Thatch Treatment

Ultra Green-5000 is a concentrated liquid solution of selected enzymes and natural beneficial indigenous soil organisms for the rapid digestion and recycling of grass clippings and other plant residues.

Golf courses are often being highly maintained with regular irrigation, mowing and fertilization to promote lush growth and excessive thatch has become a problem. Golf Course Thatch Treatment

Thatch is composed primarily of products from stems, leaf sheaths, grass clippings and stubble roots that are fairly resistant to decay.

Excessive thatch weakens the turf and makes it more susceptible to damage from disease, insects, heat, cold, and drought.

Ultra Green-5000 is based on non toxic and non hazardous soluble fermentation extracts of indigenous origin for golf course greens and fairway applications.

Improves Aeration By Rapidly Digesting Organic Blockers In The Thatch Layer

Improves Water Penetration In The Upper Thatch Layer

Prevents Nutrient Blockage By The Removal Of Thatch and Plant Residue Barriers

Rapid Digestion And Conversion Of Plant Residues To Beneficial Organic Matter


Golf Course Thatch TreatmentRates will depend on thatch and soil conditions which vary.

General: 120 to 170 ml or 4 to 6 oz per 1,000 sq. ft.



     Packaging: 10 Liters (10 quarts+)

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