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Drinking Water Without Toxic Chemicals

  UltraViolet 14W Air Sterilizer


BioLogics Germicidal UVGI-14w

Natural UVGI Air Sterilizer

BioLogics Germicidal  Ultra Violet Light Systems Offer a Natural Approach to Killing Air Borne Germs Viruses Odors & Preventing Allergies Without Toxic Chemicals

Suitable for up to 1,500 sq. ft. May be used in duct systems and HVAC systems. Units come with installation instructions.

General Information

It is simple to install and only takes about 15 minutes. May be installed directly into your air recirculation duct or inside the cooling coils down stream from the filter. This is for maximum killing of pathogens in all applications.

Scientists have known for many years now that natural sunlight is the most effective way to purify. This is accomplished by the invisible light (ultraviolet ray), not the light we see. Ultraviolet light makes up part of the sun's light spectrum. UV-C (ultraviolet) light inhibits the growth and reproduction of germs, viruses, allergies and bacteria that circulate through the home's HVAC - heating and air-conditioning system.

The use of this UV system is safe and silent and a proven way to make your home, office or medical facility a much healthier place to live and work.

Up To: 12,000 Hour UV Sterilizer Light Life  

Does Kleenair require maintenance?

Our long life UV bulb should be replaced every 12 months (up to 1
Year).  It could also be wiped clean when your filter is changed.

Safe - Free of dangerous and toxic chemicals

Quality TestedSimple- Installation and virtually maintenance free

All units are pre-tested for any manufacturing defects and come with complete simple installation instructions

BioLogics UVGI Air Purifying System

As pictured above: 1 unit per approximately 1,500 sq. ft.

Biologics UV now offers the best way to control airborne pathogens air pollution in your heating and air conditioning system. A breath of pure fresh air is yours with an economical and efficient Biologics AirGard system. Breathing recirculating air from your heating and air system has, over time, proven to accumulate pathogens that cause disease. 

Unlike filters and so called purifiers that simply collect the pathogens and in many cases actually concentrate them, the Biologics Kleenair all natural UVGI kills and eliminates them immediately.

Controls Molds and dust mites that cause allergies. Bacteria and viruses that are airborne, once in the system, will soon make everyone in the building sick.

Upper respiratory problems, sinus problems, asthmatic conditions, headaches, colds and flu do not have to remain in your system.

Our systems do not release any toxic ozone ("activated oxygen") or toxic chemicals into the air.

From the first sneeze that inoculates your system with airborne pathogens, the Biologics Kleenair is on duty killing disease causing microorganisms.

BioLogics Kleenair uses a special ultra violet lamp to kill micro organisms circulating in your home or office. For no more than the cost of running a night light, you can have 24 hours a day - seven days a week - protection against disease causing pathogens. Biologics UV has UV Sterilizer Clean Air Systemfor years manufactured cutting edge technology equipment for controlling disease in air and water. Our research specialists continue to develop non-chemical ways to control disease in air and water.

Kleenair Systems can even kill Anthrax, TB and  Legionnaires bacteria (contact us for details). We have commercial applications for larger building, e.g. cooling towers in multi-story buildings.


Model No.
 Ultraviolet Air Sterilizer
1. Voltage: 100~120V,220~240V, 50/60 Hz
2. UV germicidal lamp: 14W x 1 (Model:UVC-14W)
3. Ballast: 14W x 1
4. Dimension:  1-1/4" x 38mm x 307mm
5. Quartz sleeve: Model No. BL-UVC14W
6. Lamp failure warning system: LED + Alarm
11. Lamp average life: 12,000hrs

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Available in North American and European Models

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