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Irrigation UV Water Treatment

Natural Biocidal Fungicidal UV-C

For golf courses irrigated with pond or lake water which are sources of turf disease causing fungi and bacteria, that cross contaminate turf and soil and in turn provoke the need for constant toxic chemical fungicide applications.

Ultra Violet HD 150w Water Sterilizer Unit

Biocidal 254nm System

Suitable For Pond & Turf Irrigation Use

          Treats: Up To 80 Gallons Per Minute Price: 2,740. USD

Flow Chart

150 watt 254nm 80 GPM

(300 watt 254nm 160 GPM)

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Intake/Discharge Size: 2"  150w Specification
Diameter: 6 5/8"  
Overall Length: 40"  
Number of Bulbs: 2 -254  
Water Max. Flow Rate: 160 GPM

Using The Suns Natural Energy

Without Chemicals

     UV (UV-C)               UV (UV-B)       UV (UV-A) Visible
    100-280 nm            280-315 nm          315-400 nm


Lifetime Warranty on Housing

14,000 Hour UV Sterilizer Light Capacity 

Golf Course Irrigation Water Treatment 

Advantages: Natural Ultraviolet Disinfection System

Why Should We Use This System?

A) Virtually all bacteria molds and fungi are destroyed

B) NovoLogics Ultraviolet treatment also photo=oxidizes and destroys combined chlorine and carcinogenic chlorine byproducts such as THM's TML's and other organic pollutants in irrigation water. Chlorine is used in municipal drinking water. 

C) Numerous toxic pesticide and herbicide residuals in the irrigation water including many corrosive agents are also eliminated, reducing pollution and preventing irrigation system fouling and clogging.

D) The UV spectrum we use also removes ammonia, H2S gases, iron sulfide, sulfur related compounds which helps to eliminate foul odors when using pond and well water as you irrigation water source.

E) This UV system is not a simple filtration method which can actually contribute to stimulating bacterial growth, it is a sterilization disinfection system for the killing of disease causing organisms.

F) Installation may be made directly at the pump house for continuous protection and operates every time the irrigation systems starts up automatically, without the need for any complicated plumbing and electrical installations. 

Economical - A penny for hundreds of gallons of purified drinking water quality. Costs no more than operating a 150 watt light bulb.

Safe and Natural - Free of dangerous and toxic chemicals

Simple Installation and virtually maintenance free

All units are pre-tested for any manufacturing defects and come with complete simple installation instructions

For any further information please use our telephone or email us below, or contact for our turf specialists near you. You may also contact your local golf course supply distributors.

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