After BioZyme-6000PC Biological Pond Treatment



After BioZyme-6000PC Biological Pond Treatment























Natural Ultra Violet UV-C Water Sterilizers

 Drinking Water Without Toxic Chemicals

Natural UVC Air Sterilizers

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Stainless Steel UVC Water Sterilizers

Stainless Steel UVC Water Sterilizer suitable for home, jacuzzi and water garden use to 2,000 gal

Stainless Steel UVC Water Sterilizer suitable for home, office, spa and pond use up to 4,500 gal

Stainless Steel UV-C Water Sterilizer suitable for swimming pool spa and ponds up to 7,500 gal

UV Water Sterilization suitable for aquaculture farm animal water pool and pond 40 watt 24 gpm flow

UV Water Sterilizer suitable for farm spa nursing home applications 80 watt unit - up to 48 gpm flow

UV Water Sterilizer agriculture golf course irrigation water uv sterilization treatment 300 gpm flow

Shower filter system for chlorine control in your shower and leave your skin and hair smooth and supple. In addition you will be protect your lungs

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Reverse osmosis filtration treatment combined with our 14 Watt ultra violet sterilizer


Ultra Violet UV Air Sterilizer Units

UV Air Sterilizer suitable for home and office heating duct HVAC applications 14 watt - 2000 + S/F

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Stérilisateurs D'eau Naturels UVC pour Piscine Jacuzzi ou Spa POUR PISCINES DE 5,000 À 15,000 GALLONS

For Below Units or Other Special Units Please Contact Us

UV Water Sterilizer up to 600 watts - up to 1000 gpm. Contact us for information pricing etc.

Bio-Logics UV systems fall under a polished food grade stainless steel water sterilizer category for pond green water and drinking water treatment, in order to rid your water of parasites and all types of pathogens including viruses, bacteria, e coli, cryptosporidium, giardia and even  legionella. 

Difference between a UV Sterilizer and Clarifier: Clarifiers are low end units designed to clear green water only. They will do nothing for the control of pathogens that can plaque the water with disease. Clarifiers are low UV output, meaning that the lamp is made of low end material and the ballast is not usually a UV ballast. 

Terms Used

(HVAC) Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning

(GPM) Gallons Per Minute

Guarding water safely and affordably UV sterilizers not only clear the pea soup green water, a minor feat, they control disease causing bacteria pathogens. These pathogens are one of the main causes of death in fish and other aquatic life and disease in humans plants and animals. The real reason for UV to be added to enclosed ecosystems, wells, reservoir, springs or air conditioning ducts is to control disease causing organisms fungi and black air duct house mold. 

Use: For home, office, farm, industry, golf course irrigation water, institutional, municipal, food service, food processing, hotels, restaurants spas etc.

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UV Water Sterilizers Sterilization 2004 Catalogue Click Here: To download Our New 2005 Titanium Ultra Violet Swimming Pool and Pond water catalogue uv sterilizers including product details example installation methods etc..

UV Water Sterilizers Sterilization 2004 Catalogue

Click Here: To download Our 2004 printable Catalogue on our swimming pool and pond water uv sterilizers including product details example installation methods prices and conditions.  

UV Air Sterilizers Sterilization 2004 Catalogue

Click Here: To download Our 2004 printable Catalogue on our air purifier purification uv sterilizers including product details example installation methods and UVGI research information references.

Wholesale prices are available for dealers and distributors

Minimum Orders of 24 Units Plus Apply

US FDA - Food Facility Registration # 12925762678

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For affordable technology, remember you can always rely on Ultra Bio-Logics UV's.


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We accept most credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard on-line as well as mail in checks and money orders. We normally process your orders within 48 hours (excluding weekends) of receipt of payment. Allow 7 to 10 working days for delivery in most of Canada and the USA.

General Information

Polished  stainless steel UVC Sterilizers (Not UV clarifiers) are constructed from corrosive resistant stainless steel. 

Polished  stainless steel UVC lights come in 6 watt units for home and water garden use through 600 watts for industrial and municipal water applications. We also custom build units to suit your specification. 

Polished  stainless steel UVC sterilizers are designed to serve several purposes: to clear pea soup green water thus maintaining clear water quality.

To rid water of parasites and pathogenic bacteria. Used in water gardening, backyard fish ponds, aquaculture to water purification for drinking, pools and spas.

Thermically-sensitive electronic ballast further protects our new UVC lamp, by automatically shutting down when the unit becomes too hot, preventing damage to both the lamp and the unit (Restarts automatically when it cools down)

New LED sensors built into the ballast plug alert you if the power is off

Our units are designed from polished  stainless steel exterior components and interior 304-L polished  stainless steel so that nothing toxic is emitted into the water. Unlike regular  plastic or standard PVC units that can emit vinyl chloride or other toxic material.

This stainless is resistant to salt water and other corrosives. Our units are made from heavy duty pipe, not rolled, light weight stainless tubing, thus allowing for higher psi ratings and longer life housings that will not rust.

Interior linings are polished to a high luster shine inside the reactor chamber wall for reflection of the UV light thus allowing more killing power.

In the real world of home water purification, farms, aquaculture, swimming pools, spas, backyard ponds and now the enclosed environment of our homes, offices and hospitals, UVC controls disease.

This non-chemical approach has not only proven to be the right approach for the above mentioned uses, it is opening doors that we thought to be for chemicals only.

Getting the results we want for the food we eat to the water we drink, all without chemicals.

A bright new world ahead with the technology of Our New polished  stainless steel UVC  Germicidal Sterilizers are on the cutting edge of this technology and we have  developed UV units for all types of uses.



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